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Is It OK To Buy Over The Counter Antibiotics Online?

In a harmful and degraded world where everyone takes one medication or another, the growing industry of pharmaceuticals has never been more attractive and popular. Besides, the Internet has been on an ascending path for the past years already, so hundreds of millions of people rely on the Internet to work, find the information they need, entertain or just kill some time.

From the same point of view, it is not surprising at all to see that plenty of people choose to rely on online pharmacies over conventional drugstores on a regular basis. But how healthy are the over the counter antibiotics you purchase over the Internet? Are there any good reasons to do it? Why would you rely on this method?

Quick delivery
There are no doubts that it is a lot more convenient to sit in your armchair, right in your bedroom and browse over the Internet in your underwear in the attempt to find a reliable online pharmacy. You can sip some coffee, turn the TV on and perhaps chat with your partner too. It is a lot better than actually going to a local drugstore to wait in line for 20 minutes, only to realize that the respective pharmacy does not have the desired antibiotic.

This is how you end up driving from one place to another, wasting a whole day and plenty of gas until you finally find it. But then, ordering online is not instant. Therefore, you will most likely have to spend at least a few days until the package arrives at your door. If you order over the weekend, keep in mind that online pharmacies might take your order, but the postal offices do not work.

Therefore, if you know that you rely on over the counter medications, order them early. Give yourself a margin in order to avoid running out of drugs. The good news is that you rarely have to wait for more than a week. However, make sure that you double check the shipping options and estimated delivery times before placing an order.

Aside from the comfort to order from home, discretion is by far the most important reason to order from home. When you usually get your medication from the drugstore down the street and you live in the kind of neighborhood where everyone knows everyone, you definitely do not want everyone to know what affections you suffer from. Buying over the counter antibiotics is one thing, but when you need something for baldness or impotence, it might be quite embarrassing to order face to face.

On the other hand, online pharmacies give you access to a lot of discretion. The package is very carefully sealed. The postman will not even know what you got in there, not to mention about figuring out the medication you have just purchased. Besides, the package reaches right to your door, without the need to move from one place to another.

Accessible costs
The costs are just as attractive when it comes to online pharmacies. Most people associate low costs with a very low quality, but it is not hard to understand why most pharmacies manage to do it. Practically, many of them have no physical facilities or offices to maintain, not to mention about a limited number of employees. All these savings are usually transferred to the customers, so you can find specific antibiotics that are two or three times less expensive.

When it comes to the quality, there are basically no differences between the antibiotics you buy online and those you get from the local pharmacy. After all, online pharmaceuticals also come with registration numbers for you to verify them, as well as informative prospects. The quality is the last thing to worry about, especially if you order from a reputable source.

Even if you think about generic drugs, it is worth knowing that their active ingredients, substances, doses and concentrations are identical to the branded alternatives. But you usually end up paying for the brand as well and this is one of the factors that influence costs negatively.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

  • Mark Sheen: I've always been anxious about ordering drugs online, so I started with some mild medications, only to convince myself about the service and quality. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Today, I order OTC antibiotics without any worries at all. I also used to check out the license numbers online in order to make sure that they are safe, but I no longer do it.
  • Jonathan Coleman: I was convinced about online medications when one of my work mates decided to try his luck with some drugs for baldness. Later on, I decided to take a shot too, but I needed some powerful antibiotics for my wife's treatment against an intestinal bacteria. She didn't trust online drugs either, so we reached to our specialist doctor in order to double check the drugs. He agreed that they were authentic and safe to take. Ever since then, we keep ordering online with a week upfront, only to make sure that we get them in time.
  • Daniel Terry: I buy drugs online for a few years already and I must say that I'm quite happy with such service. I don't have to ride from one drugstore to another in order to find rare meds. A few clicks and they are right at the tips of my fingers. Anyway, make sure that you order from a safe place and you are ready to go!
  • Ann Michaels: I never thought I would every end up buying OTC antibiotics over the Internet, since I barely have confidence to give out my full name online! But then, I needed some rare drugs for a problematic chronic condition, so I was obviously going to spend a lot of money on them. I decided to go online because the costs were like 40% smaller, which is like half! Anyway, my meds come with a license number, so I still check them before ingesting any. I recommend the idea to buy online, but ensure that you order from the right place.

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